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La tua vacanza

3 Nov

Val di Noto: top ten place to visit

1 – Obviously Noto

The capital of the Baroque, rebuilt as many of the towns in the area after the terrible earthquake of 1693, will leave you speechless. Doesn’t exists a particular part of the day (avoid the hottest hours of the day during summertime) when to visit this city, but we prefer the sunset in order to be able to appreciate the wonderful light created by the last rays of the sun reflected on the limestone. Let yourself guided by the main street (Corso Vittorio Emanuele),and slip into the lateral narrow streets down and up, following your explorer instinct. After a long admiring of this landscape we advise you to enter these places and discover the inside. On this we won’t give you further details not to ruin the surprise, we can just anticipate you that you’ll notice a big contrast.

2 – The reserve of Vendicari

The entrances are many but for your first time we recommend to follow the directions you will find on the road. You will arrive in a parking where you can leave the car. Get ready for a short and pleasant walk before you discover this beach. The reserve is protected because it is a landing point and essential refreshment during the spring and winter migrations for many species of waterfowl. Also some species of turtles nest in this very area. On the left side of the beach the old Tonnara and Sveva Tower of 1400 add a historical touch to the scene. We recommend you take away all your rubbish!

3 – Ortigia

Syracuse and especially the island of Ortigia have a millenary history. We suggest you to check it out on internet or open your guide just in the moment when you’re in front of the cathedral, to be able to associate the different corners of the huge square to the different historical periods. At your arrival at Ortigia don’t expect an ordinary island, because you won’t even be aware of the passage from the dry land to the island.In this city you’ll be overwhelmed by History with its legends and anecdotes: follow their protagonists and discover hidden particularities and unique places.

4 – Cavagrande natural reserve

The reserve was created over millennia by the course of the river Cassibile (the ancient greek Kakyparis) digging deep gorges. Today is a real canyon in which it has formed a system of small waterfalls and ponds. For nature lovers and not only Cavagrande is a unique experience especially on hot days to find a bit ‘of refreshment in its clear waters.

5 – Isola delle Correnti

It is located opposite the tip of south eastern Sicily, where they meet the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea. You’ll notice the difference in colors and currents of the two sides and you will not know which one to choose! On the island there is only an old lighthouse out of use that makes this even more fascinating glimpse. Very beautiful also Punta Formica and Playa Carratois beach from which you can see the island.

6 – Marzamemi

It’s quite impossible not falling in love with this village! Born as a sea landing, became a fishing port and with its tonnara (a place with mazes of nets to catch tuna) was a landmark already during the Moors domination. In the last few years had a great development of the tourism, and risks to attenuate its magic. So we recommend to avoid the crowded part of the day, especially in the summer, choosing to have a snack with a “granita” or an aperitif in the little square in the center. And if you like tuna, before leaving this charming place, don’t forget to buy some “bottarga” (a delicacy of salted, cured fish roe).

7 – Ragusa Ibla

At an over 400m altitude you’ll find this ancient city with its 50 churches and a lots of palaces in late baroque style.The wonderful cathedral is situated on the highest point of the town; arriving here in the late afternoon and taking advantage of the coolness prepare yourself to the climb. You can’t miss it! In this place is produced the most ancient cheese of the whole island, called Ragusano DOP which we recommend you to taste.

8 – Modica

Mainly known for its chocolate, result of a “cold working” process, originates from the Aztec culture . It is a must-see for the sweet tooth!  Along the road you’ll see a long line of drywall delimiting the fields and lots of carrubba-trees.
In this town the glance are the old houses from the ancient partof the city, leaning one above the other, being the extension of the ancient caves inhabited from the Prehistorical Age. The narrow streets, the tiny little houses and the long flight of steps, instead, are an evident heredity of the Middle Age.You’ll be surprised about the late baroque churches which arise on imposing flight of stairs instead of squares.

9 – Isola di Capo Passero

In the past it was a peninsula attached to the mainland by a narrow line of sand that emerges today (in part) only at low tide. In addition to being half nature reserve, the island houses a trap and an abandoned fortress. We advise you to arrive and discover it!

10 – Scicli

Often Scicli was compared to a crib; in the last years it was made famous by the a television series with Montalbano, the police commissioner, inspirited by the novels of Andrea Camilleri. A place with several churches and convents, concentrated mainly in the historical city center. Walk along the streets rising up your head to admire the decorations of the facades and enter all the churches to discover their unique atmosphere.