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La tua vacanza

3 Nov

Holiday destination since the 18th century

The tragic Earthquake which struck Sicily in 1693 causing death and leaving many cities shattered also generated  excitement between members of the local aristocracy over the reconstruction of their palaces and holiday mansions according to more trending styles .

During the first half of the 18th century Sicilian baroque was starting deflect from the classical Roman style leaving space to the inevitable influences a place with such personality and traditions as Sicily brings. Sicily, as all the rest of Italy, became a locations of great interest for arts, creativity and culture.

Villa Favorita with it’s factory was built in 1752 as a holiday mansion. immersed in a citrus grove half way between Noto and the sea. The manor hosted both frequent guests and occasional passengers, often illustrious foreigners traveling through the city. Authors, philosophers and scientists all coming from different parts of the world and caring with them news from the world.

Besides spending long hours discussing all sorts of matters in the huge living rooms, games and gambling were a very common activity. From family holdings to whole estates were won and lost in one evening but this didn’t worry the Aristocracy of the time because they all new they could benefit of huge credits.

It was in a night of games like any other that the Marquis of Castelluccio, owner of the villa at the time lost all the estate in one single game. the property was shortly after bought back by the marquis’ wife Giulia who new about her husbands bad habit and worked secretly to recover the loss and keep Villa Favorita as something to be passed on down the family.

The Villa holds both in it’s architecture and various decorations the memory of the many guests, the splendors of past times and the reminder of how the generations have followed one another during the centuries.


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